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5 Ton Ice Block Machine
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03 Oct 2019
1 unit
IDR 495.000.000

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5 Ton Ice Block MachineThis 5-ton ice block machine is an ice block machine that is ordered by our customers.This 5-ton ice block machine uses a method of soaking ice blocks with salt water and using a civil construction container in the form of a civilian tub.This ice block machine uses ice block molds weighing 25 kg with 100 molds in a civilian tub. So in a harvest time of 12 hours, this 5-ton ice block machine will produce as much as 2500 Kg of ice cubes. So that in 24 hours you will harvest 2x with a total capacity of 5000 Kg or 5 Tons.The following are the specifications of our 5 ton capacity ice block machine:Ice block machine with a capacity of 5 tons
Brand: iCool
Type: MEB 050
Freon: R22 / 404A
Compressor: Semi hermetic Bitzer
Condenser: Water
Electricity: 26,850 Watts
Engine dimensions: P 1.8 x L 0.9 x T 1.7 (meters)
Dimensions of Brine Tank & OHC: 
P 3.2 x L 2 x T 1.1 (meters) & P 5.7 x L 2.5 x T 3.3 (meters)For more information please contact us
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