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Welcome to PT Indoreka Duta Multisukses. We are a company that established since 2012 engaged in industrial Electrical Explosion Proof, EXPLOSION PROOF LAMP, Conduit Panasonic, FOOD AND BAVERAGE MACHINE , BOX PANEL EXPLOSION PROOF, ACCECORIES EXPLOSION PROOF. We were in Ruko Citra Harmoni Blok TC No. 27 JL. Raya Trosobo KM 19 Trosobo Kecamatan Taman, Kabupaten Sidoarjo- Jawa Timur 61257. Discover the variety of our best products (LAMPU EXPLOSION PROOF, BOX PANEL EXPLOSION PROOF, CONTROL STATION EXPLOSION PROOF, ELECTRIC MOTOR EXPLOSION PROOF, ACCECORIES EXPLOSION PROOF, KABEL GLAND EXPLOSION PROOF) with quality and the best price you can get.


Indoreka Duta Multisukses as a distributor of electrical equipment Explosion Proof for Oil And Gas (Gas hydrogen, Acytiline, Propane, Metane, etc.), Refinery, Petrochemical, Offshore And Onshore, Storage Bulk LPG, LNG, SPPBE and other dangerous areas.
Which covers:
- Explosion Proof Lights:
- TL lamps (Fluorescent) Explosion Proof - Hanging Lamp Explosion Proof
- Floodlight Exposion Proof (Flood Light) - Vessel Tank (Tank) Explosion Proof
- Portable Lamp / Flashlight Explosion Proof - Emergency Exit Lights Explosion Proof
- Explosion Proof Fluorescent Emergency Lighting
- Street Lights Explosion Proof

- Box Panel / Junction Box / Explosion Proof Enclosure:
- Box Panel / Junction Box Explosion Proof for Star Delta / Distribution Panel
- Terminal Box Explosion proof
- Junction Box / T Dust / Explosion proof Conduit Fittings
- Local Control Station Explosion Proof

- Control Station Explosion Proof:
- Push Button On-Off Explosion proof - Explosion Proof Emergency Stop (Flood Light)
- Rotary Switch (Selector Switch) Explosion Proof - Plug And Socket / Receptacle Explosion Proof

- Electric Motor Explosion Proof:
- Three Phase Explosion proof (Foot / Flange Mounted)
- Single Phase Explosion proof (Foot / Flange Mounted)

- Accecories Explosion Proof:
- Cable Gland / Reducer / Plug / Elbow / Sealing Fittings / Flexible Conduit Explosion Proof,
- Sirens and Warning Light Explosion Proof - Telephone Explosion proof
- Blower Explosion Proof, Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan, Air Conditioner (AC) Explosion Proof
- ASP, FEAM, Nordland, Cortem, Hubbell KILLARK, CEAG Crouse Hinds (Europe - USA)
- Warom, Xianghua, Nibbe, EEW-HRLM, etc. (China)
(According to ATEX Certified products, CENELEG, KEMA, INERIS, IEC and Europe, American, Chinese Standard other)


Ruko Citra Harmoni Blok TC No. 27 JL. Raya Trosobo KM 19 Trosobo Kecamatan Taman, Kabupaten Sidoarjo- Jawa Timur 61257 Sidoarjo 61262
Jawa Timur , Indonesia



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